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A certain consumer has improved the ethnicity of Shirin the Armenian princess to an Azarbaijani! This is undoubtedly uncalled for considering the fact that all resources agree she was Armenian and also a Christian and was not a Turkic Talking Azarbaijani. This is totally unacceptable And that i tend not to want to get Armenians associated with this discussion in addition.

four) Even with myself furnishing several important verses from diverse epic poems of Nizami, which not like Other folks I present extra fuller citation and attribution, rendering it simpler to verify and generally, in a more educational, orderly way, They can be frequently taken off and purged from Wikipedia by Mr. Doostzadeh and his supporters – even though I have never deleted the just one-sided, taken away from context quote about Iran, from respect for all of Nizami’s heritage.

Also translations should if possible be accomplished by actual university scholars. (Like CE Wilson and Julia Meysami). Mr. Baguirov would not know the small Persian (all of Nizamis function is in Persian)to cite himself in the key report. This was shown through the discussions previously mentioned. Else I will take many of the text I've wrote already debunking most of the so referred to as primary investigation, and enable it to be into post, (furthermore some assistance from These 1988 articles or blog posts and further than) then cite it as reference. But that is certainly from Wikipedias basic policy on issues that happen to be disputable. Mr. Baguirov also needs to be acquainted with the Wikipedia recommendations:

By the way, the regular references that 1 writes in a “undesirable” Persian language are One more testament of the – although, if I were over the location of your writer, I might listen to your horrible English spelling and grammar, along with mistyped Russian (e.g., “sovietkaya kultura” instead of “Sovetskaya kul’tura”) as well as mistranslated Persian/Farsi (on that a bit under).

7) About Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, in truth Mr. Baguiorv Probably is struggling from memory loss (Just rephrasing his personal awful words and phrases). Mainly because not just his mother may need been a slave of non-Turkic origin, but a great deal more importantly he indeed falsified a geneaology to create him a descent of Sassanid kings.

And btw what counts is what The latest resources say. If a single Armenian scholar in 1950 reported anything (which I have not noticed evidence), tens of Armenian scholars are saying the opposite now. Specifically While using the break up of soviets.

This sort of illogical statements by Mr. Baguirov is in fact regrettable. Is there in fact any census within the time to claim that almost all of this town was this Which for the duration of Nizami's time!?

Nizami Ganjavi’s mom was a Kurd as affirmed by all Students. Taking into consideration The point that Shaddadians ended up also Kurdish speakers as well as their money was in Ganja, there isn't any proof that Kurds spoke Turkic as their mom language. In truth the current situation that some Kurds communicate Persian or Turkic or Arabic to start with regrettably must do with fashionable point out nationalism and obtaining an Formal language.

If Afagh was the name of Nizami's wife, then indeed the poet would've resevations utilizing these kinds of terms and in fact some the above verses might be lewd. For example In case your wifes title is YY, You then not simply call another person the see this site king of kings of YY. Which is why Claimed Nafisi's intrepretation is accurate. All around the Panj-Ganj the word Afagh has actually been used in its real that means horizon (about forty instances).

(That's like it correct). He was born in Ganja in the republic of Azerbaijan. (although Qom principle could never be discounted a hundred% And that i could make 1001 arguments by interpolating verses and referring to scholars and etc.). He lived under the Seljuqs. Shireen was an Armenian princess (just like the Encyclopedia Iranica together with other Persian poets have also confirmed and she or he is referred to as Armenian in Persian/Kurdish cultures). All these points really should be stated. Each one of these info are currently incorporated during the posting.

Also it has been requested of Mr. Baguirov to bring the particular Persian when he referring to Nizamis. And his son and Nizami Ganjavi have also praised Shirvanshah in the introduction. Mr. Baguirov ought to carry verses, a little something he can't possibly do or would not want to do, considering the fact that he does not have a expertise in Persian to defends his obscure theories. And let us do not forget that the Persianized Arab dynasty of Shirvanshah (who drew their lineage to Sassanid kings exhibiting the Iranian ethnic identification of the world) didn't have an understanding of Turkish, for Nizami to write down for them in Turkish! This go to my site issue isn't even talked about by Mr.

It really is amusing how Mr. Doostzadeh completely shed monitor of his arguments and logic, as he in the beginning went out of his strategy to argue that Afak/Appaq was not even Turkic, that Kipchak is actually a metaphor for a beautiful female. Then, he promises that Afak/Appaq is just not even a reputation of someone, but meant as horizon, in Arabic (I'm wondering Why don't you use a Persian term). That's why, In accordance with Mr.

A great deal of exactly what the person wrote has Completely absolutely nothing to do with The difficulty of Nizamis father. He should study this text to are aware that he can not thrust his pan-turkistic agenda in Wikipedias main entery: [No Original Investigate ]

Nevertheless I don't want To do that, but however some end users are trying to push this informative article in the wrong course.

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